The Last Roman Village

The Last Roman Village – an electrifying strategy defense game that gives you the freedom to build an entire Roman city from scratch and devise a strategic plan to strengthen its defenses. The game is available for Microsoft/Linux/Mac , Android, iOS


Imagine the time of peace is gone! The mighty and once invincible Roman Empire is no more, and in its wake are barbaric forces attacking from all sides in hordes. It is now down to General Marcus Aurelius to preserve and protect the very last piece of Roman history. What makes ‘The Last Roman Village’ so much enjoyable and so different from all other strategy games is the fact that the player not only develops a whole village the way he wants, but he also gets to train and upgrade the defending Roman soldiers.

You can wreak havoc by fighting and defeating all kinds of enemies including skeletons, trolls, orcs, minotaurs, goblins and what not! You can build and upgrade more than ten buildings in a single game, and there are lots of surprises and rewards on the way including coins, a dog pet, stronger walls and towers, 10% additional attack and defense opportunities for soldiers as well as 3 magic options such as summoning more soldiers, conjuring a rain of arrows and invoking the wrath of gods on the villains.

We have left no stone unturned to make this game the ultimate strategy game for those who enjoy critical thinking, building places and problem solving. “Our goal is to give you a strategy game with lots of great features, a variety of options to choose from and a mind-blowing creativity,” says Georgi Nikolov, game programmer and game animator for ‘The Last Roman Village’, “We have introduced some fresh features in the game which have never been seen before.