The Last Roman Village

The Last Roman Village is taking place in a collapsed Roman Empire, where the last village of Ariminium remained. The only hope of the villagers is General Maximus’s ambition to build and defend the last piece of Roman history left.


The main resource in the game is the gold coins. The players have to choose wisely where and how to spend them.

Build and Upgrade your army – Villagers can become soldiers. Upgrading them can allow you to train the deadliest Roman warriors who will sacrifice their lives for the good of the empire.

Construct and Upgrade – As a General you have to choose wisely which buildings to create and upgrade. From defensive Towers and Walls, to Farms, Houses, Blacksmith, Barracks and much more .

Wheel of Soldier –  After every defeated boss, players will have a chance to boost their defence, offence and income by spinning the Wheel of Soldier. Also, the luckiest Generals can unlock 3 magics that can inflict damage to multiple enemies by winning the Scroll.

Enemies –  Hordes of enemies and bosses attack on both flanks in the village of Ariminium. Their main goal is to kill the Emperor.

Variety – There are multiple ways that the game can develop, and it will be different for everyone. It allows players to have freedom by choosing how to build and defend their last land of home left.

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